Tuesday, October 13

Fang Fairy

Going to get my teeth cleaned today. ECK I don't care for it, but I have a good Dentist.

youth quilt for Malcolm

Keeley and I really like the lime green. I didn't ever like green, but that green grows on U. The colors in Malcolm's nursery are a lime green. So that is where these colors came from. My eldest son said why not put some wide black/white bars in it. I kind of like. U know the rule, as quilters we often work on several different projects. So it seems.

Quilt I made for Orion, my grandson who is 9

I made (2) Rag Quilts, one for Orion and one for Aiden (my other grandson) for Xmas 2008. I used mostly scraps and had to buy some flannel. They were fun to make and the boys like them.

Quilt that I made for my only daughter, Jennifer

Jennifer reminds me that I started on this quilt 21 yrs ago. I finished it up and gave it too her for her 35th BD. It is a generous lap-size quilt and I think the pattern is Ohio Star. 21 yrs ago I took a class @ Calico Station Quilt Shop, located in Orange Park. Jennifer was 14 yrs old and picked out the colors. I think it turned out well I machine sewed it and quilted it with my Viking.

Monday, October 12

Another pic of the FOOTball quilt for Tom & Keel

The only fabric I had recently bought in 2009 was the lite blue that is in the middle on the back of the quilt. I buy muslin by the bolt and I usually buy Warm and Natural batting by the case. I think the dimensions on this quilt are 70" x 100". Both my sons are well other six feet and we wouldn't want their feet to get cold.

Football quilt for my (baby son) Thomas and Keeley

I have several UFP (unfinished projects). I combined (2) scrap quilts to make this 'Football or couch' quilt for my youngest son, Thomas and his wife, Keeley. I have recently purchased a 'walking foot' for my Viking and used this quilt to practice on. Plus I also did some hand quilting on it. We don't get real cold weather till about beginning of Feb and sometimes it lasts 3 wks. I know Floridians are spoiled. I will post a couple more pictures of the quilt. I pieced the backing with muslin and this pretty blue fabric. I got the idea from Amandajean from crazy mom quilts. She has a wonderful blog all about quilting and techniques. She has inspired me so. I read her everyday.

Picture of Jonathans' Quilt

This is a charm quilt that I made for my eldest son, Jonathan. It is mostly black, bold colors, teal and blues. I acquired the fabric about 15 yrs ago through a 'Charm Swap'. One of the things I like, about the quilt, it has, quite a few Hoffman charms. I had this quilted by the Old Green Cupboard. They did a meandering edge to edge except for inside borders have stars on them. I also tried my hand at some (rustic-looking) applique. The dimensions of the quilt is about 105" x 114".

Wednesday, August 12

Busy day

Have had a headache, not sure if it was a migraine, but thought it had to be sinus. Saw the PA @ the drs office today. Primarily went to get a samples and a prescription of Maxalt-MLT 10 mg. It is for migraines. It dissolves instantly. It works within less than 10 minutes. The PA basically said I had had sinus, tension and migraines. I'm thinking..I knew that. She gave me script for the Maxalt, muscle relaxer for @ nite and some Cipro. I guess I just plain hit the jackpot. It was time to have some blood work done. So I reluctantly agreed to CBC and thyroid test. The rest I needed done needed to be fasting. Since I had had 2 giant cups of java this am, those tests were out. Well I came home, watched a little MI-5 a BBC series on Netflix and still having a headache lay ed down for 2.5 hrs. Jonathan came home, made supper for him and it was his time to eradicate zombies on the Xbox. I decided to succumb to the Maxalt pill. I worked on cutting out Poo Pocket diapers. Maybe I will have them finished cutting by the time I go over to Keeleys tomorrow @11am. I'm going with her over to Sams and then we are sewing some. Well it is 10:35pm, time for this quilter to go to beddie by. Nite Nite

Sunday, August 9

birthdays, birthdays galore

'my love of my life'...Thomas had a BD Friday the 7th, and he turned 51. My eldest grandson, Orion Quinn turned 9 yrs yesterday. He is such a good-looking boy and looks so old. Seems as though he was in my arms yesterday. I haven't loaded the pics I took from yesterday to the flicker site. But as always I forget a few steps and have to ask my eldest to watch me. Going to find a pic of Orion to put here for the time being. This was taken on 4th of July @ my daughter's place. From lft to rt: Orion, Hildie (grandkids' grandmother from south Fl), da momma (jen), and Aiden, my other, adorable grandson (7yrs 4mo now)

FOR JENS 35th BD last day of july

For my daughter's 35th birthday, I gave her, her finished, Ohio Star quilt, that was set on point and started 20 yrs ago. She was a happy camper. I have no idea, why it stayed a UFP for so long. She loved it and all is well.

Wednesday, July 29

Why Am I up SO EARLY, (don't believe the birds R)

I'm new @ taking pics from the Flickr acct and trying to pull them over for my use. This is Pic of myself and my daughter Jennifer (jen). It was taken 8 yrs ago in Oct. I'll be 60 on Ground Hog Day and Jen will be 35 in 2 days. Somehow the pic seems somewhat distorted. Anyways, I'm desperately working on a UFP that belongs to Jen. It is a lap quilt that I'm told by my daughter that I started 21 yrs ago. Actually not that much actually needed to be done on it. But I didn't like that there was some bare spots in it, so instead of taking off the whole backing, I sliced parts of the backing, took out (what I would call inferior batting) and replaced it with Warm and Natural. Then I thought I would put 1 orphan block and a really pretty piece of Raggedy Ann cotton fabric(15" x 19") piece over the affected areas. Used hand quilting and machine quilting to finish it. I just need to re-check it again and check some areas on the binding before I take over to Jens on Friday July 31st. Then I'll have ONE ufp down and quite a few more to go. The idea to to still finish as many as I can. So it will be a toss up whether I will be putting Jonathan's quilt binding on or working on Baby Malcolm's quilt. ( who is due to arrive sometime about 3 Sept) Will take a pic of Jens quilt before it leaves the house. It is yellow, pink, and ecru and it is Ohio Star.

Tuesday, July 14

Way to early for a Weekday

Yesterday I sewed with Keeley, my (only) daughter-in-law. We are working on getting the baby nursery ready for Malcolm Harold, who is suppose to make his debut into the world sometime around 3 Sept. Today is also a scheduled sewing day too. We are working on fitted sheets for the crib. They are super easy. We are using queen size all cotton sheet that I have purchased @ the thrift stores over a period of months( and I went overboard with buying those). They were 75 cents a piece. The pattern we are using is Simplicity # 3795. When patterns were a buck @ JoAnns that when picked up what we thought we might need for Malcolm. Anyways there is allot in the pattern: quilt, a pillow, crib sheet, dust ruffle, bumpers, and a organizer (I think for little toys, that hangs on the crib). The general color theme that Keeley picked out was lime green, and shades of marine colored blue and turquoise. Tomorrow Wed, (July 15th), going to get up and get oil changed in the Kia, go to the bank, and then go to Fresh Market, and pop into JoAnns to look for light blue, jumbo rick rack.

Monday, June 22

it is about darn time !

June 23, 2009 8am, Northeast FL

My name is Bonita and I have wanted to have a blog for sometime. My eldest son has told me to put the words down 1st and then add the photo. I' a Momma, grandmomma, and a quilter. I have a CAT, named Chief Red Cloud, who is about 8 yrs old, who is part Maine Coon. My mentor is Amandajean from crazy mom quilts. Quilting and sewing soothes my mind and soul. Sometimes I do some what seems like unnecessary baste-like sewing just because I like to do some hand sewing. I love my sewing machine. It is a Viking. It is not the top of the line, but it suits my needs.