Wednesday, August 12

Busy day

Have had a headache, not sure if it was a migraine, but thought it had to be sinus. Saw the PA @ the drs office today. Primarily went to get a samples and a prescription of Maxalt-MLT 10 mg. It is for migraines. It dissolves instantly. It works within less than 10 minutes. The PA basically said I had had sinus, tension and migraines. I'm thinking..I knew that. She gave me script for the Maxalt, muscle relaxer for @ nite and some Cipro. I guess I just plain hit the jackpot. It was time to have some blood work done. So I reluctantly agreed to CBC and thyroid test. The rest I needed done needed to be fasting. Since I had had 2 giant cups of java this am, those tests were out. Well I came home, watched a little MI-5 a BBC series on Netflix and still having a headache lay ed down for 2.5 hrs. Jonathan came home, made supper for him and it was his time to eradicate zombies on the Xbox. I decided to succumb to the Maxalt pill. I worked on cutting out Poo Pocket diapers. Maybe I will have them finished cutting by the time I go over to Keeleys tomorrow @11am. I'm going with her over to Sams and then we are sewing some. Well it is 10:35pm, time for this quilter to go to beddie by. Nite Nite

Sunday, August 9

birthdays, birthdays galore

'my love of my life'...Thomas had a BD Friday the 7th, and he turned 51. My eldest grandson, Orion Quinn turned 9 yrs yesterday. He is such a good-looking boy and looks so old. Seems as though he was in my arms yesterday. I haven't loaded the pics I took from yesterday to the flicker site. But as always I forget a few steps and have to ask my eldest to watch me. Going to find a pic of Orion to put here for the time being. This was taken on 4th of July @ my daughter's place. From lft to rt: Orion, Hildie (grandkids' grandmother from south Fl), da momma (jen), and Aiden, my other, adorable grandson (7yrs 4mo now)

FOR JENS 35th BD last day of july

For my daughter's 35th birthday, I gave her, her finished, Ohio Star quilt, that was set on point and started 20 yrs ago. She was a happy camper. I have no idea, why it stayed a UFP for so long. She loved it and all is well.