Wednesday, August 12

Busy day

Have had a headache, not sure if it was a migraine, but thought it had to be sinus. Saw the PA @ the drs office today. Primarily went to get a samples and a prescription of Maxalt-MLT 10 mg. It is for migraines. It dissolves instantly. It works within less than 10 minutes. The PA basically said I had had sinus, tension and migraines. I'm thinking..I knew that. She gave me script for the Maxalt, muscle relaxer for @ nite and some Cipro. I guess I just plain hit the jackpot. It was time to have some blood work done. So I reluctantly agreed to CBC and thyroid test. The rest I needed done needed to be fasting. Since I had had 2 giant cups of java this am, those tests were out. Well I came home, watched a little MI-5 a BBC series on Netflix and still having a headache lay ed down for 2.5 hrs. Jonathan came home, made supper for him and it was his time to eradicate zombies on the Xbox. I decided to succumb to the Maxalt pill. I worked on cutting out Poo Pocket diapers. Maybe I will have them finished cutting by the time I go over to Keeleys tomorrow @11am. I'm going with her over to Sams and then we are sewing some. Well it is 10:35pm, time for this quilter to go to beddie by. Nite Nite

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