Wednesday, July 29

Why Am I up SO EARLY, (don't believe the birds R)

I'm new @ taking pics from the Flickr acct and trying to pull them over for my use. This is Pic of myself and my daughter Jennifer (jen). It was taken 8 yrs ago in Oct. I'll be 60 on Ground Hog Day and Jen will be 35 in 2 days. Somehow the pic seems somewhat distorted. Anyways, I'm desperately working on a UFP that belongs to Jen. It is a lap quilt that I'm told by my daughter that I started 21 yrs ago. Actually not that much actually needed to be done on it. But I didn't like that there was some bare spots in it, so instead of taking off the whole backing, I sliced parts of the backing, took out (what I would call inferior batting) and replaced it with Warm and Natural. Then I thought I would put 1 orphan block and a really pretty piece of Raggedy Ann cotton fabric(15" x 19") piece over the affected areas. Used hand quilting and machine quilting to finish it. I just need to re-check it again and check some areas on the binding before I take over to Jens on Friday July 31st. Then I'll have ONE ufp down and quite a few more to go. The idea to to still finish as many as I can. So it will be a toss up whether I will be putting Jonathan's quilt binding on or working on Baby Malcolm's quilt. ( who is due to arrive sometime about 3 Sept) Will take a pic of Jens quilt before it leaves the house. It is yellow, pink, and ecru and it is Ohio Star.